NIR TIGHT laser skin tightening

An advanced, clinically proven laser procedure for ageing skin to generate new collagen growth, restore firmness, contour & skin tautness while smoothing lines & wrinkles.
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I tried out the new laser skin tightening treatment and was amazed by the results,even after one treatment. I really can see the difference in my skin and can’t wait for my next visit. My therapist was amazing and really made every effort to get me the best results. I am so pleased!
Lynne....Google Reviews

I had the skin tightening laser treatment at this clinic and I can’t believe the results. I’m in my late 50’sand it showed. The skin on my cheeks and neck was sagging and loosewith noticeable hanging cheek folds around my mouth. I’ve only had one treatment so far and my skin is firm and plump and the folds have disappeared. My neck and jawline is tightened and the lines around my mouth are pretty much gone. Thank you so much I’m thrilled!
Rachel....Google Reviews

NIR TIGHT laser delivers a beam of high intensity near infrared light that penetrates the deepest dermal layer of skin tissue. This light heats up the water content of the skin, which stimulates the skins existing collagen causing it to contract and tighten. The bodies own natural healing process will also begin to produce NEW collagen to further tighten the overall appearance of the skin over the following months. Results can be seen immediately after treatment.


  • skin tightening of the face, neck & body
  • treats lines & wrinkles
  • restores skin volume
  • NEW collagen growth
  • tightens existing collagen
  • reduces natural loss of existing collagen
  • improvement of post pregnancy skin laxity & stretch marks
  • non invasive
  • no downtime
  • comfortable treatment
Laser wrinkle removal

Have had pigmentation removed from my face and hands with laser and am delighted with the results . I’d rang a few places who told me it would take 6-10 treatments and I only had 2 treatments in this place and the brown marks are gone-big difference.
Kate viaGoogle Reviews

I received a photo rejuvenation for ageing skin and the results were remarkable-extremely happy with it.

I’ve tried this clinic for rosacea treatment ...I have to say that even after one treatment I saw amazing results.
Rachel via Google Reviews

I’m amazed by the results of my laser hair removal at this clinic! I’ve barely any leg hair after my first treatment and that was a month ago. .
Cathy via Google Reviews


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