Collagen P.I.N medical micro-needling

A micro-needling procedure that scientifically delivers flawless results for face & body skin tightening, stretch marks, scars, acne scarring & skin pitting.
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As our skin ages it’s collagen levels deplete as regeneration slows down. Collagen P.I.N. produces results through the stimulation of growth factors and collagen,thereby promoting new skin cells to grow. New collagen and elastin formation in the skin have been scientifically documented as measurably and visibly improved as much as one year after just one treatment. Collagen P.I.N. is a percutaneous induction Micro-Needling device that scientifically delivers ‘flawless’ results on many skin imperfections. Collagen P.I.N. is the next step in the scientific evolution of aesthetics.

Collagen P.I.N. has many advantages over previous generations of anti-ageing tools and dermal needling rollers. The P.I.N. safety micro-needle cartridge consists of sterile,single use surgical grade disposable needle tips which ensures that Collagen P.I.N. maintains the highest level of safety,while delivering greater efficacy,efficiency and superior clinical results.

As patient treatment requirements differ,due to the adjustable needle depth capabilities of the device,we can customise our Collagen P.I.N. treatment to treat the needs of each patient with precision.

This revolutionary FDA approved device has 3 times more needles than any other device on the market today,ensuring better treatment results than other devices. The more micro-injuries created by the device,the more tissue regeneration and rejuvenation will occur. The powerfully rapid repetition mechanism of the motor allows for quicker needle penetration resulting and a much more comfortable and effective treatment experience for patients.

Have had pigmentation removed from my face and hands with laser and am delighted with the results . I’d rang a few places who told me it would take 6-10 treatments and I only had 2 treatments in this place and the brown marks are gone-big difference.
Kate viaGoogle Reviews

I received a photo rejuvenation for ageing skin and the results were remarkable-extremely happy with it.

I’ve tried this clinic for rosacea treatment ...I have to say that even after one treatment I saw amazing results.
Rachel via Google Reviews

I’m amazed by the results of my laser hair removal at this clinic! I’ve barely any leg hair after my first treatment and that was a month ago. .
Cathy via Google Reviews


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