C.A.C.I Ultimate Anti Ageing

As we age the skin loses collagen, which gives it its plumpness and firmness. As it depletes the skin appears to sag and fine lines & shadows appear. The effects of gravity on the skin are also more apparent as the resilience of our skin structure reduces.

C.A.C.I Ultimate Anti Ageing

Described as simply the best anti ageing treatment available and the secret of flawless skin, C.A.C.I. Ultimate anti-ageing facial is a four step treatment incorporating four unique treatment applications. Visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles with this ultimate anti ageing treatment. Developed to reduce wrinkles, firm, plump and soften skin. While visibly lifting sagging muscles, heightening the contours of the face. Also retraining fine eye contours muscles and improving drainage of the tissue to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

  • Ultrasonic skin peeling
  • Micro-lase wrinkle comb (LED photo stimulation)
  • Vacu-lase
  • Ultra-sonic wave (a combination of micro current and ultrasound)

”The C.A.C.I is unrivalled when it comes to maintaining a lifted, firm and toned face and neck.”

-Dr. Nicolas Perconi MD
Anti ageing expert & Author of AGELESS FACE-AGELESS MIND.

Have had pigmentation removed from my face and hands with laser and am delighted with the results . I’d rang a few places who told me it would take 6-10 treatments and I only had 2 treatments in this place and the brown marks are gone-big difference.
Kate viaGoogle Reviews

I received a photo rejuvenation for ageing skin and the results were remarkable-extremely happy with it.

I’ve tried this clinic for rosacea treatment ...I have to say that even after one treatment I saw amazing results.
Rachel via Google Reviews

I’m amazed by the results of my laser hair removal at this clinic! I’ve barely any leg hair after my first treatment and that was a month ago. .
Cathy via Google Reviews


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